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Amazonia Lodge

The lodge is located in the tropical lowland rainforest of Manu Biosphere Reserve.  The Yábar

family, from Cusco, established the lodge in 1980 which used to be a tea plantation in the 1970's.  The book Birds of South America by Robert S. Ridgely refers to the lodge as Hacienda Amazonia. The property have primary forest 65% mostly in the hills(foothills). The rest is mature secondary forest 30 years old whit reforestation. We also offer birdwatching tours in Peru(Birding in Peru). 

"One of Peru's top birding sites."  Paul Coopmans

During 1983 Dr. John W. Fitzpatrick and his team were doing studies in Amazonia.  He suggested to the Yábar family about the possibility of them working in tourism because of the potential he and his team had observed specifically for birdwatchers.  In 1984 the Yábars converted the property into a lodge creating one of the pioneer lodges in the Manu Biosphere Reserve.  Working in Ecotourism, the lodge is now considered one of the best birding places in Peru.  The lodge's bird list contains 630 species and keeps going up, fast becoming one of the largest lists in the world.  There are many species of mammals including tapir, pecaries, jaguar, puma 8 species of monkeys including the rare Night Monkey.  Also found are many butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, orchids, and bromelians.

You can also find references about Amazonia Lodge in the book Where to Watch Birds in South America by Nigel Wheatley.


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Amazonia Lodge(Birding Peru) Birdwatching Tours In Peru

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The temperature fluctuations are from 18şC. during the night to 34şC. during the day.  Sometimes a phenomenon call "FRIAGE" occurs when the south winds come up from Patagonia.  This causes the temperature to descend during a 3 to 4 day period to 12ş C.  The rainfall per year is 5 meters.

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Very interesting Video about the great Diversity of birds on Manu Biosphere Reserve including Amazonia Lodge

Birding Peru Hotspots acording ebird Amazonia Lodge is the first one note there are two more list about Amazonia Lodge same page(more than 638 birds especies)

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